Tidbit Tuesday 12.03.13

Today’s Tidbit Tuesday is one of my favorites. So simple…yet so helpful!
(Sign of a good tidbit.)

This little helper eliminates the dreaded, “oh shoot!  It’s 4pm.  What are we having for dinner tonight?!”  And, if your house is like mine, 4pm is NO time for clear inspiration.  The homework, the chaos, the mess, the low patience, the countdown for dad to get home…

This little helper makes life planned.  Which in my book = easy, doable, happy.

menuLike I said, so simple…yet so helpful.  In fact, so simple, you just might doubt how great it is.  Work with me here.
So this is how it works.  I pull this little guy over to the table on Saturday morning.  I have out my cookbooks, ipad, pinterest ideas for recipes, etc.  I also have my calendar. This step is important because I need to know which nights we have sports or scouts and need a quick dinner, or which nights we have time to try a new recipe.  Then I clean off the glass and whip up a menu!  Right then and there I look at each recipe, determine what I still need to buy, make a grocery list.  This is how each date night ends on Saturday…at the grocery store.  I am sure my babysitter things we are soooo boring when we come home lugging in groceries every Saturday night.  🙂
So now…not only do I have all the ideas, I have all the ingredients too!

Let me tell you…4pm has never been the same.

If I have convinced you- here’s how to make it.

You need
~a 12 x 12 frame
~a black piece of chalkboard or heavy cardstock (I have seen some that have scrapbook paper in the back, but then with the patterns you can’t use all your fun colors of chalkboard markers.)
~a vinyl menu (you can find these on etsy or pinterest I am sure.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
~some fancy schmancy chalkboard markers

The tip here is to make sure you put the vinyl on the black board UNDER the glass, or you will get your vinyl all dirty the first time you clean it!
Here’s to loving 4 pm again.

Happy Cooking!

(And a p.s.)
i declare! is on the road again!  We are off to Austin for The Running Event.  A tradeshow for running store owners to come find new stuff for their stores.  We are so excited, but so nervous!  Hope they like us! What a perfect Christmas gift for the runner in your life right?  How about this “Go The Distance Necklace”?  I love this one!

And we are also going to California this week for the Diva 1/2 marathon expo.  As luck would have it, I drew the Austin straw, and it’s going to be 39 degrees.  Brrrrr.


Come See Us in Person!

Each month we will be featuring a retailer that we love~ and that is carrying i declare! charms.
This month we want to tell you about Little Cherry Blossoms.

Nestled among award-winning Ume clothing boutique and the ever-popular Needle Point Joint on Ogden’s more-charming-than-ever Historic 25th Street, Little Cherry Blossoms is giving moms (and many baby shower attendees) something to shout about. A haven for baby shopping, this boutique is known for scouting out the lastest and greatest in the kiddo community.
Let your registry get more sophisticated than the Babies ‘R Us route, and give this shop a try. Your shower guests will get all the hand-holding they need, plus they have the really cute ‘n necessary stuff you really want like lightweight Aiden & Anais blankets, Trumpette socks and the softest pima cotton convertible gowns from Kissy Kissy.
What’s that you say? You don’t live in Weber or even Davis County and you’re not much for driving? Then hop over to Little Cherry Blossoms online, where you’ll find the same cute stuff, and be taken care of just as nicely.

If you are in Ogden, UT or close by, stop by to check out their adorable selection of children’s clothing. They are located at
184 Historic 25th Steet
Ogden, UT 84401
or check them out at www.littlecherryblossoms.com- and be sure to tell them we said hello!