Lucky March!

Whew! March is here.  I feel like I am at the turn around point in a marathon.  I’m 1/2 way there and I just might make it!  I live for sunshine, and this week we have had a few days of it.  I have been out on bike rides, taking the kids for walks, having more quite in the house as the kids play outside, and my spirits are higher.

Last week i declare! traveled to San Diego for the Women’s Half Marathon. Talk about sunshine!  It was fabulous.

IMG_1329Well, in honor of a new month, we have a new monthly special! Check it out here.

IMG_2278We wish you the best of luck this month.  This little charm here just remind you of that.  Good luck with your spring cleaning, good luck sticking with those goals you wrote down 2 months ago, good luck getting outside and enjoying the beginnings of spring, good luck feeling happy, good luck being you!

(Necklace is a sterling silver box chain with a sterling silver good luck 4 leaf clover charm and a sterling silver personalized initial charm.  Only $29 this month in our shop!)

Mondays will become fun…

We decided to shake things up a bit around here.
We have the holiday bug and we are loving doing things new and different!  We are busy with lots of orders, expo and marathon season has started, we have tons of new product coming down the pike, and we are busy! busy! busy! So to share all that excitement, we decided to start TWO whole months of a giveaway a week!  How’s that for the spirit of giving? 🙂
We like to debut our new stuff with giveaways…so you can watch for some new stuff.  We have copper charms, silver charms, running charms, name charms, heart shaped charms, square shaped charms…. and the list goes on and on.  Some of the new product I haven’t even shared with our employees, so this really is top secret. haha.

Basically, you don’t want to miss out. So be sure to hit that “subscribe” button above and get an email when we list a giveaway!

As Thanksgiving is this month, some of you may have seen that we have been posting on Facebook what we are thankful for.  There is so much to be thankful for, how can you post just one thing a day?  I hope that you are making your own list.  Maybe just in a journal, or on your phone.  It certainly doesn’t have to be on social media or any place public.  But I believe that an “attitude of gratitude” helps you to feel even more blessed.  It makes your life so much better, and the blessing keep flowing.
My greatest blessings hang on a necklace around my neck.
I have the mini initials “l, c, g, s”.  My favorite letters by far.
So when life is harried, I’m cleaning up another mess, running another errand, or doing another load of laundry and the stress starts to rise, sometimes my necklace will bump against my skin and it’s an immediate reminder to me that it’s a blessing to have messes TO CLEAN, to have laundry TO DO, to have their little errands TO RUN because they are here.

And I am blessed.

Sterling silver is a great way to commemorate something don’t you think?

I like sterling silver. This is no secret.
I like to make necklaces.  I like even more giving them away.
So last weekend when my running group ran a 1/2 marathon (our first together, but for some ladies it was their first all around!), a friend and I decided to give them something that would commemorate what we all accomplished.

I have to say I really like how they turned out!
It says 13.1.  You’d think so we could remember the 13.1 miles we raced.  But it’s much more than that.
It’s to remember the early mornings, the sore knees, the great conversations, the long runs, the laughing, the getting lost on long runs, the goats staring at us on the country roads when we were the only things awake and moving, the nerves, the planning, the following through, the friendship.
I’d say it says alot.

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We want to hear from you!

Many of you order charms to celebrate a special occasion, to motivate yourself with a meaningful word or phrase, or to remember something important. Often, as we are making the charms, we wonder what they might mean, who they are going to, or what is the special meaning behind this one? Sometimes you share the meaning with us, and we love being apart of that significant moment in your life!

We would love to hear more of your stories. We would love to hear who you gave them to, why you chose what you did, or what was the moment you were remembering.

This month we are giving away a necklace with one charm to a customer who shares their story with us. We will post them here for you all to read~ and be inspired. Since there is never a “best” one, we will have a drawing at the end of the month, and pick a winner that way.

Thank you for sharing with us!
Email your story to

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