Tidbit Tuesday

My sisters and I like to share “Hip Tips” with each other.  Sometimes they are super hip (because we like to think they are), but mostly they are just tips.  (Doesn’t “Hip Tip” sound so much more like you want to know what it is?) Like my last Hip Tip was this great stainless steel cleaner that I found for my fridge.  It cleans AND polishes.  So you see what we are working with here.

Anyway, I thought I would start sharing my OH so Hip Tips on Tuesdays. Stay tuned for some doozies.

Today I had to stay home all day.  No errands, no Target, no charm making, no charm shipping, no anything outside the house.  Sort of weird for me.  It was for a good reason… my craft room floor was getting installed.  (For those that may have missed it.  Let me share here the “before” picture.  You will immediately see the need for a remodel overhaul).

IMG_8909I suppose this isn’t a true before.  When we bought the house it had blue walls, wood colored trim around the windows, and a different carpet.  But we will call this before since it’s the scary picture with all the stuff piled in there.  More on this later.  Stay tuned for the big reveal next week.  (Ok…here are some progress photos.)

What would this world be like without Ikea?  I shudder…IMG_9781

To be honest…my favorite feature. I can only tell the code to those over the age of 16.  Much to my 8 yr old’s dismay.

IMG_9790Chalkboard paint!

So… since my hand was forced today and I had to stay home, I decided to cook!
(Here comes the Hip Tip!)
I finally delved into a cooking blog recommended by my mom, (those scare me and make me feel even more incompetent in the kitchen).  Good news it, I loved it!
This girl is funny, very down to earth, and her recipes seem fairly easy (now you’re talking my language!)
Her blog is Mel’s Kitchen Cafe and here is what I made tonight.

Oh.  My.  Yummy!!!  This girl nailed it! (me or her?  Let’s say both.)
I loved it, and informed my family they would be eating this weekly for the rest of their lives…or until they moved out.
Click on the picture above to get the recipe.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.