Lucky March!

Whew! March is here.  I feel like I am at the turn around point in a marathon.  I’m 1/2 way there and I just might make it!  I live for sunshine, and this week we have had a few days of it.  I have been out on bike rides, taking the kids for walks, having more quite in the house as the kids play outside, and my spirits are higher.

Last week i declare! traveled to San Diego for the Women’s Half Marathon. Talk about sunshine!  It was fabulous.

IMG_1329Well, in honor of a new month, we have a new monthly special! Check it out here.

IMG_2278We wish you the best of luck this month.  This little charm here just remind you of that.  Good luck with your spring cleaning, good luck sticking with those goals you wrote down 2 months ago, good luck getting outside and enjoying the beginnings of spring, good luck feeling happy, good luck being you!

(Necklace is a sterling silver box chain with a sterling silver good luck 4 leaf clover charm and a sterling silver personalized initial charm.  Only $29 this month in our shop!)