New products and, well, they’re cute

Saturday, (and I mean all day) was spent photographing our new products.
We have so many cute new lines I am very excited about.
Stamped images, copper charms, and some new versions of the ones I love the best…sterling silver.
It is exhausting to get the lighting wrong after taking hundreds of pictures, and then redoing it while trying to get it right, all the while knowing I am no photographer!
These charms are so beautiful in real life, but they become beastly little mirrors that are so hard to get just right when behind a camera.
Here is a little look at what we have been working on.

I look forward to being able to share all the charms!
I also look forward to becoming a real photographer.

And in a more short term goal, I look forward to regaining my sanity, and getting the kink out of my “hunched over my camera for 3 days back”.

smell the flowers

maryjo keep calm

Keep Calm?  Did i read that right?  I better take a deep breath….