It’s November!

Fall is here!
Thanksgiving is around the corner…and I am thinking of all the things I am thankful for.
Are you making a list?
So many things that when I start to think about it, it overwhelms me.

My kids…my health…THEIR health…my awesome staff…the beautiful city I live in…the friends that run with me…the ones that just listen to me…sunshine on a cold morning…my ability to see it…the customers that love their i declare! and keep us in business…starbucks sinfully delicious hot chocolate…my babies eyes that disappear when he smiles at me…my 3 year old that dresses up in the craziest outfits and thinks nothing of it…plumeria trees that try to grow in Idaho when transplanted from Hawaii…i could go on and on.

To celebrate it all, we have created a classic, simple “grateful” necklace for you and I to wear all month long.  Give it to someone you are grateful for, wear one yourself and remember to stay grateful for the little things…because they are really the big things!

Happy being grateful!

sterling silver grateful necklace thanksgiving jewelry

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