In Remembrance…09/11/2001

Like all of you, I will never forget where I was when I found out about the events of 9.11.2001
I remember standing glued to the living room floor while I watched the TV with horror, confusion, sadness, fear, shock…
I remember the inability to sleep or close my eyes without thinking about it and seeing it over and over again in my mind.
I remember being sad beyond belief for people I had never met.
I remember feeling a bond to them, a patriotism that was stronger than I had ever felt before. They were my fellow Americans. Killed senselessly, and unknowingly.
Today I saw a picture that was very fitting of how I felt and what I want to remember.
Not the burning buildings, not the planes that crashed into them, not even the flag that I love. But the people that died.
This is the image I want to remember and think about.

This is what 9.11.2001 means to me.
Remember to hug those you love today, and be grateful they are here.

It’s that crazy time of year!

Is there any time of year more crazy than back to school???
Hello mixed emotions.  I’m over here.  The unstable mother who yesterday was ready to give her drive-me-crazy kids away for a low, low price is now bawling, sobbing, and weeping because they have left me.
And they’re happy about it!
I come home from the school bus and the house is insanely quiet.

I miss them.

Then I think, “Am I crazy?!” This is a dream day!  Do what you want!
Then I remember I still have laundry to do, dinner to make, errands to run, and all my wifely, motherly responsibilities stare me in the face.
I realize maybe today won’t be that sad.

And then, before I know it…they’re home from school.
A whirlwind of backpacks, snacks, papers, assignments, everyone talking at once. And then it’s time for soccer.  Yes, on this of all days, let’s add one more thing.
Wait, two more things.  Both kids have soccer.

So then we are off to soccer, home from soccer, clean up from soccer.  What? You need a paper signed?  Well where is it?  On the bus still? Great. Hurry, everyone! Showers! Hit the showers!  No you cannot stay up until 10 pm and watch Cartoon Network to relax.  You have school again tomorrow.  Yes, again.  And by the way, the day after that too, and the day after that… so let’s get it pulled together!!

In all that craziness that hit our home with back to school.  I thought I could use a little reminder of just how much I love these people and how much I love that I can be here for them.

I think it turned out kind of cute.  I call it our Family Tree Keychain.  A little reminder that is with you always (cuz you’re always in the car right?) to remind you of what matters in all this craziness!

Hope Back to School is awesome for all of you!
Want one of these reminders too?
You can get your own keychain here!