Join us in the fun!

We have been very busy little bees this last year. 
We have been working on a pretty exciting addition to i declare!
…and now!…we are ready to launch the 
Affiliate Program!
 Seriously, we couldn’t be more excited.
If you love sterling silver charms,
If you love sterling silver necklaces,
If you love sterling silver bracelets,
If you love customized jewelry,
If you love mommy jewelry,
If you love running jewelry,
then chances are, your friends will too!
So here’s how the super easy program works.
You sign up  (for free).
You get a unique, just for you, link.
You post that link where ever you want, in an email, on facebook, on your blog, etc.
Whenever someone clicks on it and places an order, you get paid!

Pretty sweet huh?

Here is an example of how your new business can work for you: 

Your mother orders a Love of My Life Necklace for the new mother in your family-$75 spent. 

Your sister just ran her second 1/2 marathon & wants to start a brag bracelet to show off her first 2 accomplishments-$153 spent. Your husband knows how much you love i declare! & orders a cluster necklace for your birthday (smart husband!)-$95.00 spent.

That’s a total of $323. You receive a check for $48.45 (level 1 commission). It’s that simple! 

Your running group decides to get a charm commemorating your big race. 10 people buying a charm plus a few extra fun items-$398 spent. Four different friends saw your pin about your favorite new i declare! bracelet & each ordered one through your link-$276 spent. Seven people saw your post you passed on about our i declare! sale-$1380 spent.

That’s a total of $2054. You receive a check for $410.80 (level 2 commission).
Not bad for just pinning & passing on an i declare! sale! 

You can email us with any questions… we would love to have you on board!