Weekend in Seattle

The marathon season comes to an end for us.
This is our last marathon expo until September.  We are excited to go out on a bang! 
Mary Jo and JoBecka took the show on the road and went to Seattle this weekend for our final expo of the season.  I will let them tell you how it was when they return…
We started a new game at this expo!  The $100 give-away!

Here’s how it works:  When people would come by our booth in Seattle, we would give them a free lei, with a numbered card attached to it.
On Monday, they will look on facebook to see which lei # won the $100 giftcard to i declare!
Sounds fun? 
We think so too.

Growing Pains

Change is good.
Change is good.
Change is good.
I have to keep telling myself that. 
It seems there is a lot of change coming up in my life.  
i declare! is growing crazy fast, and at the same time erin (our lead stamper) is moving (boo!!). SO– training new stampers and adjusting to a new routine around here is going to be tricky.  
Plus, some rather large personal changes (more later) make it all to be a trying time.

I read something this morning that was really good.  Timely.
“It is often in the trial of adversity that we learn those most critical lessons that form our character and shape our destiny.”
Apparently I have a lot of learning coming my way. 
But possibly a well defined character and better destiny as well.
I’ll keep you posted…
On a more lighthearted note: How about our new mother/daughter necklace?  I love it!