Some of the i declare! team

Some of the i declare! team.  
In trying to keep up with a (happily!) growing home business and 3 (crazy!) kids, I had to get some help with this blog. Some of my team has agreed (been forced) to help post here on our blog.  
These ladies are awesome! They represent runners, great runners, non-runners, busy households, calm days, mothers of twins, mothers of adopted children, great cooks, not so great cooks (that one is me by the way), and lots of things in between. The one thing they all have in common, they love to help you get your i declare! just perfect.
They are funny, they are happy, and they will be fun to read. 
They are going to share both their life, their interests, their goals– and their part of i declare!  
Let me introduce you:
Erin: Erin is now our lead stamper.  She creates (with some serious skill) even the toughest requests you guys can come up with.  She does an amazing job. She also keeps track of all our inventory (the not fun part of her job).
Mary Jo: Mary Jo is our Expo Director and Order Processing Manager.  She is the laughing, bubbly personality you will see at all our expos (except the ones she’s not at) :).  She is also the one who makes sure your order is perfect before it goes out the door.  If we goof, we blame it on her.  She has a lot on her plate (hmmm.. looks like literally), and she pulls it off so well!
Sarah:  Sarah is our Lead Director of the i declare! Consultant Sales Team.  She answers all your consultant questions, and helps make sure your at home business is a SUCCESS!  Everything she touches turns to gold, and she knows how to get a job done.  Ever the Good Idea Lady, we love having her on our team!

JoBecka: Jobecka is our resident supermodel.  She is our Retail Sales Director and coordinates all of our product into retail stores.  She is working on getting us in some really fun places.  She also attends most expos, and apparently is going to be joining a roller derby team?  Stay tuned…
 This isn’t everyone.  We couldn’t survive without Keri who answers all of our customer service questions/phone calls and emails.  Or Renae who make our beautiful birthstones and pearls.  Or Natalie who does a fabulous job as our graphics designer.  Or Alex who is in charge of shipping each order.  I feel so lucky to have such great people on board with this dream of mine to launch i declare!  Now let’s see if I can keep up!…

Where Have We Been??

Well this is just embarrassing.  Our blog is so out of date!  That new little baby that came on 10.10.10 is now 18 months old and walking everywhere.  I have hired lots of fabulous team members to help out, and we have grown like crazy.  I have endured a bike wreck , a broken hand and surgery, a move (THAT was crazy!), and have enjoyed vacations, runs, time with kids and friends and a good life.

i declare! has been honored with a partnership with Kathrine Switzer and created an exclusive line for her. 

We were so excited to have her at our booth at the Boston Marathon and become friends with her.  She is an amazing lady.  You should read her story!