Summer was fabulous

Summer was fabulous.  
I can’t believe it is over (almost).
I know most kids have gone back to school and the official schedules of life have resumed in most households. 
But here we still have a preschooler (5 yr old) and an aspiring ballerina (3 yr old) and we are not yet ruled by the academic calendar.
And since it’s still 80+ degrees, we are wearing shorts, eating popsicles, having playdates at the park, blowing bubbles and laughing so hard as we chase them.  
We are going to squeeze every last drop out of this summer.

Keep on Running!

So this morning I read in USA Today that in 2009, women outnumbered men among U.S. finishers in road races.  
We beat the boys by a score of 5.4 million to 4.9 million.  Nice work ladies!  
Of course we have more motivation to finish than the men–
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And keep running girls.  Let’s keep the title in 2010!