Here There and Everywhere

What a month this has been! 
We went back to back to back to expos around the country. 
We hit New Orleans for

then we were home for 3 days and then hit Orlando for

then we were home for 3 days and then headed off to Dallas for

We’re a little tired.

But it was great fun to again meet so many of you!
We LOVE it when you come by and show us your keepsake running jewelry that you got from i declare charms at another running expo.
Here are some of our friends that stopped by to show us their jewelry:

And this is my mom.  My sanity this month is because of her.  I have been feeling so sick with this pregnancy that she flew out to Orlando to meet me at the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon expo and then went to Dallas to help as well, and then came home with me for another week to make and ship all 4 million orders we got (almost!).  Plus she took care of my kids, did my laundry, cooked dinner and helped me stand up straight.

Let’s hear it for Mom’s!!!!!!!!!!