Expo Specials

Expo Specials are coming!

You know, I could just kick myself for not taking a picture-
but we had the CUTEST expo special at the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon expo.
We brought along a special necklace just for that event.
And it sold like crazy!
We were sold out the first day!
So we took orders, came home and whipped up some more, and shipped them out.

It was such a success, and what a fun keepsake/momento of running your race!, that we decided we will make an exclusive EXPO ONLY necklace for each race.  
For the Disney Expo we brought along a fun little crown charm, added  a pink birthstone for some bling, and made a “princess 13.1” charm to hang with it.
Come see us at our next race and see what we will create just for your special race!
p.s.  If you have a picture of your Disney Princess expo necklace special- send it my way and I will post it here!