Runner’s World

I must start by saying I was very happy to get this large order.  Ecstatic in fact. 
But then I had to actually make it and get it shipped.
I had NO IDEA how long it would take to put together 450 keychains in those teeny tiny bags with my sticker on them.
And then put them in those beautiful blue organza bags with my card in them.
And then tie the Runner’s World card on them. (They are gifts for race directors from Runner’s World at a convention this weekend).
And then find a box big enough to ship them.
And then pay an arm and a leg to overnight a 40lb box.
I was so exhausted as I stayed up all night getting them done to ship today.  
I was tempted to leave them out in hopes that Rumplestiltskin would stop by, but decided better of it.
(P.S.  These very cool key chains will be available on our site very soon for you to personalize!)

Sneaky Chef

One of my goals for 2010 is to eat healthier.  That means me and my family.  For Jeff (who prefers to be called Mr. Sub 3:00) and I, that just means making some better choices.  Eating out less, at home more.
But for the 4 yr old and the 2 yr old, this requires some serious sneaky work.  
I grew up eating whole wheat bread, home-made every thing, and no sugary treats or soda.  Except for the occasional “big deal”.   How then, did I morph into the mom that feeds my kids dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, hot dogs on a stick (corn-dog), and fruit snacks?

Because it’s easy.

But those days are gooooonnnnnnnne.
I found this awesome book called “Deceptively Delicious”.  Heard of it?  Very sneaky I must say.

It’s by Jessica Seinfeild (Yep, Jerry’s wife).  I would of thought she had a personal chef and a nanny.  But apparently she is making food for her family, the in-laws, and the neighborhood kids.  And all of it has vegetables hidden inside.  

The basic gist of it is this:
All vegetables are steamed or baked, and then pureed so that you can sneak them into recipes and no one will be any wiser.
The trick is to prepare them ahead of time.  So that is what I worked on today.
Soon to be future mac and cheese, quesadillas, pancakes, brownies and more!

Mmmm. Zucchinis steaming away.

hmmm….  good thing this butter nut squash tastes good.  Because it doesn’t look that way.

And here we are!  Ready to eat healthy no matter what!

So the 4 yr old comes up to me in the middle of my baking, steaming, pureeing, pouring process, and says, “What are you making?”

ahahaha….  thank you 4 yr old for validating my day’s work.

A give Away!

Monday!  What better way to start off the week than with a give-away?  
But…it’s not on our blog. 
We know of a fabulous blog called My Dear Trash and our give-away is over there. 
You will love it.  
She has such a way of seeing the treasure in life, in “junk”, and in everything around her.  I love reading her entries.  She will really pull you in with her witt and humor!  
Click here for a link to the give-away.
And here is what you could win:
… personalized with what ever you would like on it!
Good luck
and Happy Monday. 

PF Chang Rock N Roll Marathon Expo

Last weekend we were at the PF Chang Rock N Roll Marathon in Phoenix, AZ.

It was so great to feel 70 degrees in January! We had a good laugh when we landed that night and were on our way to find our rental car. An airport employee was outside directing people to the shuttles and had on a coat and hood and was sitting next to a space heater!!

The expo was BUSY, CROWDED, and so much FUN! We got to meet even more of you awesome runners than we ever have before. I am pretty sure this one was a record for us! (Even though we almost didn’t get to go since the expo was sold out, and then at the absolute last minute they found us a booth waaaaaaay in the back corner.)

Here was our home for 2 days. We are glad that so many of you were able to find us. I think it may have been by accident looking for the bathroom….but we were happy you showed up none the less! 🙂

We were so thrilled to have some of you come back and tell us how much you love your i declare jewelry, that we decided to add a spot just for you on our blog. From now on, we have a camera at our booth. If you are a previous customer (aka FRIEND), then come on by, say hello, and we will add you to the wall of fame…right here. 🙂

And lookey here…
just see who we spied at the expo!
My sister in law was as excited as if George Clooney himself was sitting there. She ran right over and snagged this picture. Thanks Brooke!

(if you don’t know who is in this picture, you must not be a big fan of The Biggest Loser, and that’s okay.)

For a Friend

Today I made a necklace for a friend of my husband’s who just adopted a new baby girl, Macy. They had 4 children already, so I had to get creative to fit all those names on one necklace! There is always room for one more right?! 🙂 I am so happy for this family! And that Macy is one lucky girl to get to join such an awesome family! I wish them all the happiness that children bring.

Pearl Charms!

New item! We now have the “Pearl Charm”. It comes with whatever word or name you would like around the bottom and a small pearl attached on top. Isn’t it cute? Kind of a fun way to dress up a simple, classic charm.

They are all done and on their way!

Ahhh…. I finally got all the Christmas orders out. All the Rush Orders out. All the expo orders out. And now I just don’t know what to do with myself.

Guess I get to go play in the snow with my kids. 🙂

And how is this for the funniest way to start the New Year?

We came home late on New Year’s Eve (Early New Year’s Day!) to find an 8′, 200lb snowman blocking our driveway. A nice big “Welcome Home” and “Happy New Year” from our neighbors. I laughed so hard I had tears. I pulled my sleeping kids out of the car so they could appreciate it. Which they didn’t.
Thanks to the Neighbor on the Right and the Neighbor on the Left for starting my year off with a nice big laugh!