It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Yeah! It’s Black Friday! The Holiday season has officially begun. Since I do love a good shop-off myself, I have to say I love today. I was so excited to kick off the holidays (with a belly full of turkey and pie), that I forced the entire family (in-laws included) to go attend the Festival of Trees. I don’t know how much fun everyone else had, but it was a perfect way for me to get into the Christmas spirit. All the music, the lights, the plethora of trees and decorations! It was fantastic. Don’t you just love the buzz in the air and the thrill of it all? And for the first year, my 4 year old was not afraid of Santa and begged to get his picture taken on his lap. Of course, I obliged. My 2 year old was NOT game, so their adorable 5 yr old cousin marched right up there with him. As we headed home with 2 sticky-from-candy-cane kids, I was quite happy with it all.

Merry Christmas!